Articles by Boris Feldman


After Cyan:  Some Prognostications

Current Developments in California Shareholder Litigation

A Modest Strategy for Combatting Frivolous IPO Lawsuits

 NACD Directorship Magazine Interview, Entrepreneurial Governance

Halliburton:  The Morning After

The Best-Laid Plans of  10b5-1

Shareholder Litigation After the Fall of an Iron Curtain     

Regulation FD at Age 10:  Whence and Whither?

The Coming Counter-Reformation in Securities Litigation

Bifurcating Indemnification

The ABC's of FD & G

Protecting the Quarterback: How to Prepare Your CEO for Trial

Riding the Enron Wave Without Falling Off the Board: Strategies for Compliance and Survival

Disclosure Controls

Directorial Liability: Tips for Outside Directors on Minimizing Personal Exposure in Shareholder Lawsuits

The Audit Committee Checklist: Questions to Ask and Items to Review

CEO and CFO Certification of SEC Filings: An FAQ for the Perplexed

 What to Do When You Find the Side Letter: Guidelines for CEO's, CFO's, and Audit Committee Members in Investigating Accounting Fraud (July 2001)

Stock Trading Plans Under Rule 10b5-1, Cyberspace Lawyer (Nov. 2000)

FD FAQ: Investor Relations and Selective Disclosure Under SEC Regulation FD, The Industry Standard (Aug. 2000)

Metrics Fraud, The Industry Standard (March 2000)

Comments on Proposed SEC Reg. FD (Selective Disclosure) (March 2000)

Insuring Dot.Coms, Risk Management Magazine (Nov. 1999)

Comments on Proposed SEC Audit Committee Regulations (Nov. 1999)

Being Public: Life After the IPO, Investor Relations Magazine (May 1999)

Selective Disclosure, Analyst Guidance, and the Duty to Update: Building a Safer Safe Harbor (1999)

The Disclosure Dichotomy: Competing Models of IR, Investor Relations Quarterly (March 1999) (with Ignacio Salceda)

The Class Action Battlefield Post-Reform Act, Risk Management Magazine (Sept. 1998)

Testimony Before Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs, Subcommittee on Securities, Securities Litigation Uniform Standards Act (Feb. 1998)

Beware of What You Wish: D&O Allocation, Entity Coverage, and Bankruptcy (1998)

The Veil of Tiers: Shareholder Lawsuits and Strategic Insurance Layers, Risk Management Magazine (April 1997)

Financial Fraud in the Era of Securities Reform, Financial Executive Magazine (Nov./Dec. 1996)

Investor Relations on the Internet: A Securities Disclosure Perspective, Off-Line Magazine (Winter 1996)

Federal Securities Law and the Internet, Cyberspace Lawyer (July 1996) (with David Priebe)

Analyst Conference Calls: A Primer, Investor Relations Magazine (December 1996)

Navigating the Safe Harbor for Forward-Looking Statements, The Recorder (Jan. 1996)

The Investor Relations Checklist, Investor Relations Magazine (1996)

Executive Stock Sales and Securities Class Actions: The Blind Trust Approach, The Recorder (1995)